Brow Bundle

Create Zoom-Ready Brows

If you've got a big video meeting tomorrow, but you're anxiously staring at your brows in the mirror, take a breath and don't over-pluck — but do shape and groom them with our Brow Bundle. Rogue hairs will slide right out with our Sucha Tweeze® tweezers, and the rest can be lightly held in place with our Ready. Set. Brow!® Perfect Brow Groomer. Then add some subtle illumination with our Oh My Brow!® Brow Highlighter across your lids or along your brow bone. 

Includes 1 Sucha Tweeze( Slant Tip Tweezer, 1 Oh My Brow Pearl Brow Highlighter and 1 Ready Set Brow Perfect Brow Groomer.